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Social Economy Gateway
Social Economy Gateway

Welcome to the one-stop shop for the social economy

Welcome to the EU Social Economy Gateway

Find information for and about the social economy in Europe.

Learn more about:

  • the concept of social economy
  • the social economy action plan
  • relevant EU funding programmes
  • social economy ecosystems in the EU Member States

A resources section and stakeholder content in the "on the ground" section provide further guidance and information.

What's new?

  • New ongoing consultations added
  • Call for Expression of Interest to join the drafting committee developing a  “Code of Conduct for data management and data sharing in the social economy”
  • New tender published: "Transition pathway stakeholder support platform: implementation for the ‘proximity and social economy’ ecosystem".

Social economy action plan – time horizon: 2030

What is in it for me?

Share your first impressions and feedback

To make this website as useful as possible, we kindly invite you to share your feedback and suggestions. This form will be open until 31 December 2023. Feel free to give feedback more than once, if you have additional thoughts and suggestions.

With and for the social economy

The idea of creating a website to compile relevant information for the social economy originated from consultations with various stakeholders during the development of the social economy action plan. The European Commission embraced this idea and integrated the Social Economy Gateway as one of the ten key actions in the plan.

The structure and content of the Gateway were developed in consultation with numerous stakeholders in 2022 and 2023. Moving forward, this project will continue to be implemented in close collaboration with the social economy.

This is just the beginning...

The launch of the Social Economy Gateway on 13 June 2023 is just a starting point. More content will be added over time.

The European Commission is looking forward to continuing the collaboration with social economy stakeholders.

Recently added:

  • Our new section "topics in focus" will dive into relevant topics for the social economy. The first two topics added are State aid and skills.

Upcoming content will include:

  • More "topics in focus" will be added, such as socially responsible (public) procurement and impact measurement.
  • The Gateway will continue to expand its collection of resources, providing a wealth of valuable materials for social economy stakeholders.
  • The on the ground section will regularly feature new articles from stakeholders within the social economy.

On the ground