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Are you planning a social economy event? Share your event details (including in early stages of planning) with us so we can add them to this overview.

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Date Location Event
16-17/02  Riga Final conference BuiCaSus – 


Date Location Event
8/03  Online Edition 2023 Euclid Network Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise - Euclid Network 
15/03 Brussels  RREUSE conference on circular skills: ‘All hands on deck: Putting people & skills at the heart of the circular economy’ All hands on deck: Putting people & skills at the core of the circular economy | RREUSE 
20-21/03  Paris

OECD conference (in the context of the EU-OECD project Global Action on Promoting Social and Solidarity Ecosystems): Inspiration, innovation and inclusion: Shaping our future with the social and solidarity economy 

26/03  Online

“The Social Economy project, for an economy that works for people and the planet” - Event on the Social Economy by Citizen Movements for Social Democracy and the Renovative Left (in Greek)  

31/03  Online EU Funding Mentoring on Skills and Education (EVPA)


Date Location Event
18/04 New York

Adoption of UN resolution on social economy

The resolution provides an official definition for the Social and Solidarity Economy and acknowledges that it can contribute to the achievement and localization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

4-5/04 The Hague Euclid Network: Scaling Social Impact in Europe – Digitalisation and Internationalisation 




EVPA - Talking Numbers – Scaling impact practices 

The webinar convenes national experts to discuss a set of crucial topics linked to the European data harmonisation effort, such as additionality, listed assets and impact investing segmentation. We aim to foster a fruitful discussion among different market builders and find sweet spots to improve European collaboration for harmonising the impact investing market.   


Date Location Event
1-6/05  Dakar 6ème édition du Forum Mondial de l’Economie Sociale avec pour thème « La transition des économies "informelles" vers des économies collectives et durables pour nos territoires». #DakarGSEF2023


11h - 12h CEST 


EVPA - Granting to develop, not deter, enterprise 

How can funders ensure grants aid – not hinder –  enterprise growth?   

11/05  Lisbon Evocative ceremony of the 10 years of the Social Economy Framework Law in Portugal 
15/05  Venice

EVPA – Business of Impact 2023 

Get perspectives on how to transform business models and further empower corporate social investors in the interest of creating more purpose-driven organisations.    

24/05  Online Social Enterprise World Forum policy forum 
25/04 Turin

ENSIE: Work integration social enterprises: a European Perspective, Good practices, similarities and differences, hints for innovative collaboration between public sector and WISEs 

Register here 

Follow the session via Youtube 

26/05  Slovenia Social enterprises fair organised by sPOINT 
29/05-01/06  Dublin Dublin Circular Economy Hotspot 2023 co-organised by social enterprise The Rediscovery Centre Ireland Circular Economy Hotspot Dublin 2023 (


Date Location Event
5/06  Online EU GREEN WEEK 2023: RREUSE Webinar: How can policies support inclusive training opportunities in the circular economy? 
7-9/06  Gothenburg, Sweden

EU2023 Social Economy. Building a stronger resilient Europe  

14-16/06  Paris European Microfinance Network: 20 years anniversary conference. Economy for the people  
20-21/06  Aldeia da Luz  Social Innovation Village 
22/06  Sofia Inclusive Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Policy Forum in Sofia organized by Microfinance Centre and MFC Members in Bulgaria (SIS Credit, USTOI, Maritza Invest, etc) 
22/06  Geneva AIM Seminar on Digital Health 
23/06  Geneva AIM Seminar on Long Term Care 
23/06   Berlin RREUSE Textile Conference in Berlin: Policy and Innovation for the Textile Sector
28/06  Tbilisi 

EVPA - Impact in the Neighbourhood 

Join the Collaborate for Impact community for two days of building social entrepreneurship through impact investing! Learn, connect and scale impact with pioneers and leaders of impact entrepreneurship in the central and eastern Europe and Middle East and north Africa (MENA) regions. 


Date Location Event
01/07  Slovenia International Day of Cooperatives organised by CAAP 
04 – 06/07  Seoul, South Korea  9th CIRIEC Conference on Social Economy;’ Building forward better: Social and solidarity economy for a peaceful and fair world.’ CIRIEC CIRIEC 2023 ( 
11/07 Berlin, Germany Social Economy Berlin Konferenz 2023


Date Location Event
11 – 14/09 Frankfurt, Germany

9th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprises

14/09  Online Webinar “Social economy at the core of local&regional action plans for green transition” (RESPONDET/REVES)


Date Location Event
2-3/10 Málaga, Spain GSG Global Impact Summit 2023
03/10  Brussels/online Competence-building in the social economy: A Pathway to Transition (REVES)
4-5/10 Sofia, Bulgaria Monitoring Committee of the Luxembourg Declaration: High level CONFERENCE ON SOCIAL ECONOMY „Social economy - inspiring, innovative, unifying“ Accompanying event Eleventh European Forum of the entities of Social and Solidarity Economy 05 - 08.10.2023, Sofia, Bulgaria. Live stream here
11-12/10  Amsterdam Social Enterprise World Forum annual event
17/10 Barcelona Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) event on social economy in the Mediterranean

Nürnberg, Germany

Consozial 2023 


Date Location Event
13-14/11  San Sebastian, Spain 

Social economy conference: "social economy: people, planet, action" in the context of the Spanish EU presidency

14/11 San Sebastian, Spain  European Social Economy Awards. Second Edition 
16-17/11 Brussels European Employment and Social Rights Forum (EESRF) DG EMPL, European Commission (incl. one session on social economy on 17/11)
21-22/11  Online

Social finance Vibe (Microfinance Center) 

The agenda of this year’s edition is divided into 3 main streams – Social Economy Actors, Vulnerable Groups, and Mega Trends.

Link to agenda

Link to event page & recording : Social Finance Vibe 2023 (

22-24/11  Turin, Italy EVPA Impact Week 
29/11 Brussels, Belgium & Online CECOP Conference on "Workers Buyouts - what is the cooperative key to success?"

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