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The International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM) is an international umbrella organisation of federations of health mutuals and health insurance bodies counting with 49 members from 26 countries around Europe, Latin America and Africa and the Middle East.

AIM members are all not-for- profit organisations providing health coverage to around 240 million people, as well as services relating to compulsory and/or supplementary health insurance, some of them also managing health and social insurance services. Their members are either mutuals or health insurance funds. They rely on no shareholders: all surpluses are used to benefit their members and they comply with the principle of solidarity between members. They are:

  • Independent, private legal entities
  • Democratic organisations: each member has one voting right
  • Public or private organisations
  • Governed by representatives of users and social partners


AIM - Association Internationale de la Mutualité

AIM - Association Internationale de la Mutualité
aim [dot] secretariatataim-mutual [dot] org